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Acne & Aging skin

Colleen Dartez

I cannot believe the difference in my skin! I have struggled with acne prone skin for 23 years myself and decided I needed to take control of my skin after my daughter started breaking out. I needed to break the cycle. I contacted Nicole to help my daughter and myself. She was incredibly thorough about all the environmental factors that could contribute negatively to my type of skin. We eliminated certain items, she put me on a specific regimen for my unique skin, and with consistency and regular appointments, I can now say I am acne free! I can't even believe I'm typing these words right now! Acne free!!!! I have tried so many products over the years, I considered myself a product junkie buying anything and everything that worked for other people. I felt so liberated throwing out all the bottles of junk I thought would help. My daily regimen is so much more simple than it used to be. I never thought I had nice skin. Infact, it was a part of myself I thought was a lost cause. I now get compliments on my skin at least 2 times a week. What!?!?!? I NEVER thought I had nice skin. I can't thank Nicole enough for showing me that I didn't have to fight my skin. I just need to be kind and consistent to it and it will take care of itself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my gain the confidence I never had!

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I can now say I am acne free!

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